Description Edit

Binoo's bouncing on the bed takes him and Toopy up to the moon where they meet a friendly race of bouncing moonmallows and settle them into bed.

Moon Bounce

Episode Number:

Season 1, Episode 1


It was the middle of the night, and Binoo was tired. Until Toopy came out with some Hot Chocolate and Marshmellows for him and Binoo. Toppy takes a marshmellow and squeezes it. Suddenly, when he squeezed it, The marshmellow comes to life and jumps everywhere. Toopy was surprised to see this, and Binoo wanted to see it too. Toopy says it's one friendly marshmellow and that he never talked to one before. Now the Marshmellow is saying to Binoo thats he wants to jump with him. And that's what Binoo did. Now the Marshmellow is saying to Toopy that he wants to jump higher with him. And that's what Toopy did. Suddenly, they jump so high, that they went off into outer-space. They jumped on clouds and stars. They suddenly landed on moon that was full of live marshmellows. Or as they call them: "Moonmallows". But they didn't notice yet because they were jumping. Until Binoo looked behind him and he saw a green moonmallow. Toopy said that he wasn't alone. Suddenly, the live marshmellow and the green moonmallow became friends. Now Toopy looked behind him and saw a whole group of moonmallows. They jumped with them for a few minutes. After those minutes, they got tired. But the moonmallows weren't stopping. But then Binoo had an idea. He whispered it into Toopy's ear. Toopy thought that was a great idea. He began yawning hoping that Binoo's idea would work. And it did. The idea is the reference of the sound of yawning, could make the moonmallows sleepy. It even put a star to sleep. When all of the moonmallows were asleep, they quietly snuggled them up into their beds. But when he was going to put the last one to sleep, the green moonmallow was awake and hopped off. But Binoo caught it just in time and snuggled it up into bed. Binoo was getting so sleepy, he hopped into one of the moonmallows beds and went to sleep there. Next scene, they where sleeping at their bed. Toopy finally went to sleep. But Toopy woke up finding the live marshmellow jumping at the side of their window. He was also finding the moon bouncing too. Toopy was shocked once again.

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