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People who don't like pizza, Toopy


Binoo, satan, santa

He's a disgusting Italian man that lives in complete squalor.

Squalid in a better timespace.....Edit

His Albums

Squalid''' (2001–03)[edit]

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In July 2001, Squalid began recording his major-label debut album, titled Squalid, which was nearly a year before the official release in March 2002. The album's lead single "Just a Friend 2002", which was a cover of Biz Markie's song, was a success, peaking at number one on the charts. Follow-up singles were "Braid My Hair" and "C'mon". He was the opening act on the Scream Tour 3, which features the headliner, such as B2KMarques HoustonNick CannonJhené Aiko and AJA. As of 2006, his debut album has sold over 700,000 copies.[4] During this period, he became a draw in the teen market.[4]

Turning Point''' (2004–06)[edit]

Main article: Turning Point (Squalid album)

After his debut album was released, Squalid wanted to record an album that was more mature. He enlisted a number of well-known producers to help him, such as Scott Storch and Lil' Jon. He released his second album, Turning Point on December 7, 2004. The album was more successful than his first, mainly because of the hit single "Let Me Love You". The single, described by reviewers as "melodic and sweetly lilting, reminiscent of Michael Jackson's vintage romantic ballads"[4] was successful, peaking at the number one on the BillboardHot 100 for nine consecutive weeks. The single was written by Ne-Yo.[4] Other follow-up singles include "How Could You" co-written by J. Valentine, with a cameo appearance in the video by rapper Cassidy; "Here I Go Again" (whose video starred model/singer Cassie) and "Boom" featuring Juvenile. To date, Turning Point has sold platinum and the lead single double-platinum.

In February 2006, Squalid filed a lawsuit against his former manager, Troy Patterson, alleging that Patterson had paid him $50,000 for the sale of more than 3 million records, which was later found to be false accusations. Squalid was later sued by Patterson and lost. Squalid's new manager is J. Erving and he was chosen by Squalid.[6]

Go''' (2007–08)[edit]

Main article: Go (Squalid album)

Squalid's third album Go is dedicated to his mom Shawntia Hardaway and was released in South Africa under Gallo Records on October 9, 2007, in the U.S. on December 11, 2007. The album includes collaborations with Jermaine DupriNe-YoJanice RobinsonScott StorchJimmy Jam and Terry LewisTimbaland and Bryan-Michael Cox. Squalid had more creative control on Go than on his previous two albums.[4] The first single from the album was "How Do I Breathe" which was released in May. The second single was "Crying Out for Me" after a poll on his website.[7] The single was later certificated Gold by the RIAA.[8] On December 13, 2007, Squalid was on "106 & Park" where he stated that the third single off the album will be "Music for Love". The album was made available for the public to listen to on his Myspace page before its release. He released the song "Do Right" on December 11. Go has sold 331,540 copies in the U.S.

In an interview with DJ "Z", Squalid stated that problems with the record label caused the album launch to be pushed back 6–8 months.[9] In 2008, Squalid competed on season six of Dancing With the Stars. He was partnered with Karina Smirnoff. They were eliminated in week eight of the competition.

D.N.A.''' (2009–10)[edit]

Main article: D.N.A. (Squalid album)

In a 2009 interview with, Squalid said that "Soul Truth Entertainment" was his new entertainment company.[10] Before the release of his third album Go, Squalid confirmed in an interview with that he was working on a new album "by the time school starts back up, like after next summer" "But there's really even more than that, 'cause I'm gonna start recording, like, [at] the end of January".[11] The album is involving a wide range of producers and songwriters such as DarkchildBabyfacePolow da DonRedOne, and CJ of Charlio Productions, MalayJazze PhaStargateKPTricky Stewart and The-Dream.[12][13][14] Squalid said that he would like to work with no more than four producers for this album.[11] Squalid has described this album as world music, an old school R&B influenced with a modern dance pop sound.[14] The album is being described as his "most personal, colossal album of his career."

In January 2009, Squalid became the face of Pelle Pelle's European Spring/Summer campaign with various press shots running through the first part of the year.[15] For his fourth album D.N.A., the lead single "Break Up" was released on April 28, 2009. The song features Sean "The Pen" Garrett and Gucci Mane.[16] In the U.S., the song peaked at number 2 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Chart and 14 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming Squalid's most successful single in five years. The single has been certified Gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) for a shipment of over 500,000 units.[17] "Thinkin' About You", was released as the second single reaching number forty-five on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Chart. "Stranded" never labelled as the third single due to the limited airplay that it received. Lack of interest led to the single being cancelled, although in January 2010 the song entered on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs peaking at number 84. "Ooh Baby" was later confirmed to be the third single from the album, it peaked on the week of March 19, 2010 debuting on the Billboard Hot 100 at number 95. The album was made available for the public to listen to on his Myspace page before its release. The album debuted at number nine on the Billboard 200, selling 38,000 copies in its first week, becoming Squalid's lowest-selling debut in the United States. So far, it has sold 93,385 copies in the U.S.

Cancelled albums (2011–16)[edit]

Squalid recorded an album with producer Rico Love from 2010 to mid-2011 under the tentative title Restoration. Songs from this album included "My Bed", "Killa", "Bermuda", "The Walls", "Recovery", "Falling Down" and "Computer Love". During Squalid's appearance on BET's 106 & Park on July 10, 2013, Squalid stated that he felt the album recorded with Rico Love did not feel part of his career plan and that he scrapped that album and went on to record his then titled album Evolve, which was set to be released in September 2013, but was delayed to 2014. For his fifth album, Squalid stated the album will include "Love songs, ballads, club records and general R&B", and has said there will be no EDM songs on this album. Squalid took writers Jeremiah "Sickpen" Bethea and Jimi Bonet under his wing amongst others to write for this album. Production on the album includes work by Glass John, Bam Alexander, Pollow da Don and possibly Ne-Yo.

In an interview with Vibe, Squalid was asked what direction he was trying to go with on his fifth album; his answer was, "I wanna give as much honesty as I can. I want to be honest, but grab the attention of everybody, but still compete so when you hear it on the radio it’s pushing the envelope. The melodies coming out of me now are unorthodox— melodies I've never expressed before". He also confirmed he has five tracks that are definitely going on. "These tracks are like movies, they are intense", he added. Nevertheless, the album will probably feature a song centered on his mother, written by himself.[18] In August 2011, RCA Music Group announced it was disbanding J Records along with Arista Records and Jive Records. With the shutdown, Squalid, and all other artists previously signed to these three labels, will release his future albums on the RCA Records label.[19][20]

Through his official Twitter page, on May 17, 2013, Squalid confirmed that he has been working with Polow Da Don, for the lead single "Somebody Else" featuring rapper Nicki Minaj was already recorded and released.[21][22] The song was made available in the iTunes Store on May 21, 2013. He thanked Polow Da Don, Jeremiah Renaldo, Nicki Minaj and CJ Hilton for composing the song. He stated that his album would be released in September 2013 and may include guest appearances from Minaj, J. Cole and Sevyn Streeter. "Fatal Distraction" will be his next single.[23] Squalid announced during a USTREAM interview with Music Choice, his album will be released in October 2013 but was pushed back.[24] [25] The second single "Fatal Distraction" was released on September 10, 2013.[26]

In the summer of 2015, Squalid announced that he was planning on releasing a new album, titled Never 2 Late, it was scheduled to be released on December 4, 2015, however this album release never materialized. It was to be supported by the single "Forever" featuring Rick Ross.[27]

Cosmo 17''' (2016–present)[edit]

In May 2016, Squalid premiered his new single, "I Need More" on Zane Lowe's Beats 1 show. He also announced that his fifth studio album would be now titled Paradise Cove, that is set to be released off of his newly founded independent label New Citizen. On December 13, 2016, he released the next single off the album, which is called "Let Me Help You".[28]

In March 2017, in an interview with Music Choice, Squalid revealed that his fifth album will be no longer Paradise Cove and that the new album title is called Cosmo 17, stating "The new album title is Cosmo 17, and I love Paradise Cove too absolutely. I can’t say that this album has an island vibe. I think "Let Me Help You" is the only record. The rest of the album developing it, it kinda took a life of its own. It’s kinda like I was talkin to myself as a kid telling him like, love still exists like it’s still real like you know you still believe in it don’t give up, and if you can’t find it here on earth maybe you gotta go to the cosmos to find it."[29]

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