Toopy Nipplesqueezer


Toopy Nipplesqueezer




no one knows

Best Friend

Binoo, Princess Jamine, His Dick


"It Ain't Gonna Suck Itself"

Penis Size



his muscles are the size of an ant


incredibly high


Mindless Freak, The One who knows nothing, pitiful loser, asshole mouse, disaster, I cant believe he isn't dead, mistake to the world, deformed piece of shit, cocksucker, disastrous idiot

Fuckboy is a monumeental fucking asshole walking mouse with big ears and a shirt with yellow and red stripes. He is real and will murder you the first chance he gets. I mean it. He is a literal piece of deformed mouse shit. He is an absolute dick to princess jasmine. Toopy watches too much family guy so that's why he's so full of SHIT. Toopy has so much problems so that's why in the final episode toopy eats 200,000 cheeseburgers from mcdonalds and dies because of very severe obesity and diabetes, as if he wasn't fat enough. His favourite shows are happy tree friends and family guy

Trivia Edit

  • Toopy is the only character on the show that talks shit, but in the special half-hour episodes, somebody other than Toopy talks shit.
  • Plays in the band "The Screeching Nipples" and "Chucky's Make Believe Band" on occasion.
  • Toopy is incredibly gay, as he is known for squeezing nipples and sleeping with and kissing a guy named Binoo.
  • Toopy is a serial killer.
  • He is known to be insane and mentally unstable.
  • He sucks way too much dick.
  • He eats bananas the wrong way.
  • Toopy masturbates a LOT.
  • Whenever Binoo screws up, Toopy goes into an extremely violent rage and almost kills Binoo.
  • Almost always forces Binoo to masturbate with him.
  • His family got eaten by Binoo's family.
  • Toopy is very dangerous and his skills of masturbation will end the world.
  • Toopy is a pitiful loser who has no real friends and Binoo is just forced to be his friend.

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